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APPROACH: Every GREAT (or potentially GREAT) ENTERPRISE is a kind of living story. We look at what stories are now being told in the organization and what stories need to be told for it to reach true GREATNESS. Our approach typically involves working side by side with clients in the following phases:
  • Discovery
Conduct a diagnostic process to define the Organization's level of maturity. What stories are currently being told?
  • Engagement
Develop senior leadership commitment - what story wants to be told?
  • Coaching
Support behavior change with ongoing coaching of the high-leverage leaders throughout the organization, so their behavior is aligned with the new story.
  • Strategy
What will it take for that story to happen? Develop an enterprise change strategy linked to business objectives.
  • Design
Design and coach working groups implementing the enterprise change strategy.
  • Tools
Provide teams with tools, techniques and systems to support the enterprise change strategy.
  • Development
Design and deliver learning and development to support implementation of the enterprise change strategy, as needed.
  • Communication
Plan and implement outreach and two-way communication systems - what stories need to be told by whom, to whom, at what time?
  • Measurement
Is the story happening? Design a measurement and management system to track progress and develop improved methods.

Roundtable Discussion

OPERATING PRINCIPLES: Our approach is based on 8 core principles

  • Commitment to client success

  • Listening deeply to all parties

  • Designing and delivering to meet real needs

  • Building on client/organizational strengths

  • Supporting clients through change; recognizing that behavior change is the hardest thing people do

  • Fostering client independence by building internal capabilities

  • Grounding our work in the insights of human development

  • Focusing on results and performance

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